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Photography is a language in pictures. Thus, it is the language that is understood across the world regardless of geographical and political boundaries. Photography is “painting with light”. Photography enables us to preserve personal impressions, it enables us to travel back in time and share our impressions with other people. Photos convey emotions, tell a story and are a reflection of ourselves.


Unfortunately, many people tend to judge photography by its purely technical execution. But a technically perfect photo can be boring and meaningless. Technical innovations can make the photographer's work easier and thus contribute to the success of a good photo, but they do not replace the trained eye and the photographic gaze. A good photo is also an artistic creation.
03. SONY ILCE-A7M3 My first camera from the A7 series was the ILCE-A7M2. It replaced my CANON EOS 7D. Today I work with the SONY A7M3 and so far I have been very satisfied with this powerful camera.  02. SONY ILCE-6400 To get my first experience with the mirrorless technology, I bought a SONY ILCE-6000. After I was able to convince myself of the capabilities of the new technology. After 3 years I replaced the A6000 with the much more powerful A6400.  01. PRAKTICA MTL 5 I bought this camera at the age of 14. It replaced my Beirette SL100, with which I had had my first photographic experience for 2 years. Probably the most serious step for starting professionalism.     The Triple Team - The Workers

bright and sharp - the lenses

But do not forget. The camera is just a tool. Regardless of how "professional" a camera is, it is the photographer who decides how a photo looks. Professional equipment only offers more creative possibilities with high-quality raw materials. The quality of the lens is more important than the technology of the camera.


the creative creation

Pictures offer space for individual interpretations. The design aspect requires an inner attitude from the photographer that cannot be assigned to the camera technology. Photography - that is the capture of a moment. Personal thoughts, creative ideas, your own gaze and emotions determine the moment you take a photo.


If you photograph your subject with inspiration and care, you can also create impressive photos with a simple camera. Many of the most beautiful photos are usually created when you go on an individual tour of discovery undisturbed, if possible alone. Take your time, find the optimal image section and wait for the right moment. Choosing the right time for the chosen location is an important prerequisite for a successful photographic recording. Particularly expressive photos are created in emotional lighting moods. Sunrises or sunsets and the blue hour are good examples of this. The optimal light and the right moment turn almost every motif into a unique representation of the visual situation and that without any complex technology. Careful planning is therefore helpful.



„If your photographs aren´t good enough, you´re not close enought“

- Robert Capa- [Endre Ernő Friedmann]

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